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Automatic Winder for SWG


Automatic spiral wound gasket machine is designed to improve productivity, insure the repeatability of quality and operate simply. Just feed metal strip and filler material to produce spiral wound gasket with inner ring or without inner ring from 15mm to 500mm. Product quantity, revolutions, gasket size and welding.
parameter like welding point quantity and position etc. is set simply by touch screen interface. When the gasket size reach set diameter the machine will stop automatically. In this way gasket quality is controlled strictly as set parameter and it make operate easily by preform processing of metal strip and automatic welding.
Particularly with the two strip loading bodies:
1.Traditional platter strip loading bodies.
2.Standard strip loading bodies, at once feeding 20 - 25 kg.
1. V or W profile, thk 3.2mm 4.5mm 6.4mm 7.2mm.
2. Including molds of ASME 1/2”-10” 150LBS with inner ring and without inner ring.
Molds of other standard or customized size are available on request.


Gasket Size

1/2”-10” with inner ring / without inner ring

Nominal Thickness


Maximum Outer Diameter


Minimum Inner Diameter


Repeatability of Outer Diameter


Rotational Speed

0 – 312.5 rpm

Total Power

8 KW

Motor Power

1.5 KW

Welding Power

6 KW



Air Pressure

6-8 BAR

Cycle Time

20-30s for a 6” 150#




600 KG