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Kammprofile Machine


It is a specially designed horizontal machines, ≥ 280MM of tooth gasket Corrugated gasket is suitable for processing. It has a simple process, processing speed, do not need any mold, processing and product surface balance, etc. It appears, to bid farewell to the history of the large size gasket required oversize equipment processing. After years of practice and to improve its performance has been a leap in the upgrade:
A variable frequency speed control, spindle motor and feed motor.
The latest design of the cutter.
3 a key to start and stop function. (Repeat the processing of advance and retreat knife, tool, cutter)
Select the configuration:
1.A randomly attached to a cutter, can be selected.
2.Along the turret of the alloy cutter 1.5MM or 1.0MM tooth milling cutter set of optional.
3.63 * 4 R4 alloy wave tooth cutter a set of optional.
The three above cutter selection to high-speed steel, need to order



3mm ~ 5mm

ID Min


OD Max


Flatness Tolerance


Spindle Speed

0~575 round/min

Gasket Linear Speed

0~170 m/minute

Spindle Motor

1.5KW x 2 1/5 gear reducer motor

Spindle Motor Controller

4.0G frequency transformer

Total Power


Power Supply (As per name plate)

380V 3P4W or 220V 3P3V, 50~60HZ

Air Compressor


Production Rate


Main Machine Packaging Size

1370 x 1050 x 1950mm

Whole Machine Expand Size

3880 x 3000 x 1950mm

Net Weight

1,050 KGS