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Neoprene Rubber(CR)


Neoprene Rubber is a versatile and economical grade of general purpose rubber able to perform in a range of sealing, lining and gasket applications. It has the formal designation Chloroprene (CR) and is black in color. Neoprene Rubber has good compatibility with oils and fuels as well as good weathering, heat and fire resistance. It is also a highly flexible rubber that is easy to work with and maintains this flexibility across a long performance life. Since other types are available, it should be noted that this information relates to our standard grade of Neoprene Rubber (both sheet and cut strip).


Durometer or Hardness Range

20 – 95 Shore A

Tensile Strength Range    

500 – 3,000 PSI

Elongation (Range %)

100 % – 800 %

Abrasion Resistance

Very Good to Excellent

Adhesion to Metal  


Adhesion to Rigid Materials

Good to Excellent

Compression Set  

Poor to Good

Flex Cracking Resistance


Impact Resistance

Good to Excellent

Resilience / Rebound

Fair to Good

Tear Resistance

Good to Excellent

Vibration Dampening

Good to Excellent

Low Temperature Range

- 70º F to - 30º F

Minimum for Continuous Use (Static)

- 80º F

Brittle Point

- 85º F

High Temperature Range  

+ 200º F to + 250º

Maximum for Continuous Use (Static)

+ 250º F